Association A Home on the Road, is a Christian organization, nonprofit, apolitical, dedicated to save and develop the potential of children and young people who want to overcome scarce resources, irrespective of religion, ethnicity, or gender. They are active in the streets, most are shoeshine or polishes, who from an early age feel the need to work to survive. If not given the opportunity to expand his horizon never discover their potential.

Aware of the existing need the October 24, 2005 was legally incorporated A Home on the Road, with the purpose of developing programs Job Placement and combat social exclusion generated by the extreme poverty in which they were born and raised, referring not only the economic but also other elements that cause marginalization as:

  • Lack of access to education
  • Child and adolescent abuse and / or domestic
  • loss of social and moral values.
  • High rate of drug and alcohol consumption
  • Lack of guidance and protection, most migrate their towns or villages to the capital in search of better opportunities
  • Lack of jobs They are in the beginning of the road, without a helping hand to guide them properly, they did not give in because they only know the contempt, abuse, limitations and frustrations that requires them to move in the same circle in the same environment.

They want to get ahead on their own and choose the wrong way reducing its lifespan to 22 years.

We have initiated in this humanitarian work and not stop until we see the transformation in the lives of these young people.


Association for a household in the Path is basic education, integrated education. Only we can make it a reality, thanks to the generosity of people who contribute their patronage. We fight against poverty and social exclusion and we follow each of them in an academic, moral and spiritual preparation for future employment through existing programs:

  • Esteem
  • Academic Preparation from primary to high school first
  • Character training, teaching Principles and Values
  • Music Academy
  • Sports
  • Recreational and cultural activities